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Q6 Edge HD

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The Q6 Edge HD is Quantum's flagship bariatric powerchair, featuring the powerful Edge power base, a choice of configurable Synergy or Tru-Balance 3 seating, and advanced R-Net and Q-Logic controls. With a weight capacity of 35 stone (227 kg) and seat widths of up to 32 inches available, it can comfortably accommodate larger users, and at a much lower price point than most competing bariatric powered wheelchairs. Powered positioning options are available, including iLevel lift, allowing you to drive at walking pace when elevated, up to 45° of powered tilt, and 175° lie-flat recline - all of which are rarely available on bariatric powerchairs.



Model Q6 Edge 2.0
Drive Wheels 14″ Solid
Optional: 14″ Pneumatic
Caster Wheels Front: 6″ Solid
Rear: 6″ Solid
Anti-Tip Wheels N/A
Maximum Speed4 Up to 6 mph
Ground Clearance 2.7″ (battery tray)
Turning Radius5 20.5″
Overall Length 35.5 without foot riggings
Base Width 24.4″
Seating Sizes: TRU-Balance® 3
Synergy®/Static: W: 10-22″ D: 10-22″
Power Tilt: W: 12-22″ D: 12-22″
Lift & Tilt: W: 16-22″ D: 14-22″
Seat-to-Floor Heights: TRU-Balance® 3
Synergy®/Static8: 16.5-18.5″
Power Tilt8: 17.5-19.5″
Lift & Tilt8: 17.5-19.5″
Manual Tilt/Recline10 Yes
Battery Size6 NF-22 (2)
Battery Weight14 38 lbs.
Available Electronics12 75A Q-Logic 2 NE
75A Q-Logic 2 NE+
100A Q-Logic 2 EX
Battery Charger 8A Off-board
Motor Packages 2-pole Mid-Wheel 6®
Weight Capacity7 300 lbs.
Base Weight 138.6 lbs.