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North Island Medical Mobility

Liberty FT Manual Tilt Chair

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Finally, one wheelchair that offers true portability, enables independent propulsion and provides the benefits of tilt-in-space! The aluminum Growing Adjustable Seat Pan features AB tape in all four corners to keep the cushion solidly in place and is WC-19 Transit approved. The seat pan grows 2" in width from even widths and 1" from odd widths. Depth growth is matched to Frame Depth Range and can be adjusted to any depth in the range and can be quickly removed for folding.


-Growing Adjustable Seat Pan

-Backrest 18" High

-Backrest Options Angle Adjustable

-Footrest Hanger 70° Extension Tube Mount

-Footrest Composite Angle Adjustable

-Seat Footrest Length 16" 

-Heel Loops 

-Hanger Release  4-Way - Out

-Seat Height 18.5" 

-Caster 5" x 1.5" Poly

-Wheels 22" Mag

-Rear Tire Full Poly 1 3/8"

-Quick Release Axels

-Push to lock hand Brakes

-Extension Handles

-Armrest Height Adjustable T-Arm Full

-Rear Anti-Tips